The Gincase Feature on ITV’s ‘Ade in Britain’ hosted by comic actor and presenter Ade Edmonson helping to see our reputation spread far and wide. After being on the hit ITV series there were complimentary quotes from Ade Edmonson himself like ‘The best carrot cake in the world!’ and ‘Yorkshire may have Betty’s… but we have The Gincase’.

We were delighted to feature on ‘Ade in Britain’ and were very proud our cakes got such good recognition. Not only was Ade impressed with our Carrot cake, but there was also our heavenly Egremont Chocolate Cake and Cumberland Courting Cake on offer – both equally as yummy.

Val featured on the show and helped to teach the former Young Ones star to make Cumberland Rum Nicky. The programme is about 18th century Whitehaven; which back then was the second largest port in Britain. It was great to be part of the show and host Ade and his crew at The Gincase for most of the day.

Ade In Britain is themed around Edmondson touring Britain in a Mini to sample the best of British food. In the first series he travelled from north Wales, up the Lancashire coast and to the Peak District. In various locations Edmondson meets local producers and cooks up local dishes and delicacies. The show filmed at the Gincase focuses on the rum trade coming through Whitehaven port and the effect that had on Cumbrian cuisine.

Next time you’re in the area make sure you stop by to try some of our tasty treats; and perhaps learn a bit of history or too. For example, did you know that it is believed the word ‘nicky’ derived from flan ingredients that were often stolen from ships – bringing our Cumberland Rum Nicky to fame!